During difficult times like these — when families are literally gathered around their kitchen table to figure out how to send their kids to college or afford health care — Kentucky needs a State Auditor who will watch their back and protect their tax dollars.

Adam Edelen will be your taxpayer watchdog, tirelessly fighting waste,  corruption, and inefficiency. His combination of business experience and public service make him uniquely qualified to continue Auditor Crit Luallen’s proud record of fighting corruption and watching your back as a taxpayer.

Whether fighting for small business owners at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce or for firefighters and other emergency first-responders at the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, Adam has dedicated his career to raising expectations throughout the state.

In both business and public service, the common thread in all of Adam’s endeavors is a bottom-line perspective focused on moving Kentucky forward.

Adam’s passion for Kentucky and his willingness to fight for us make him the best choice to ensure that our tax dollars go towards the two priorities that best represent Kentucky’s future — creating the world-class schools our kids deserve and building an economy that provides for everyone willing to work.

In both business and public service, the common thread in all of Adam’s endeavors is a bottom-line perspective focused on moving Kentucky forward.

They are as follows:

  • Accountability – Kentuckians deserve an auditor who will stand-up to corrupt government officials and fight inefficient bureaucracy. Adam is not afraid to hold public officials and other powerful interests accountable for their performance and how they spend your tax dollars.
  • Even if it means losing popularity in Frankfort and making enemies with government agencies unwilling to submit to sunlight reviews, Adam will use his business experience and bottom-line focus to fight corruption at all levels. In short, Adam will hold government more accountable to the taxpayers who foot the bill.

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  • Common Sense — Live within your means. Only make promises you can keep. Plan for a rainy day. These are the common sense values Kentuckians live by every day, and Adam Edelen will be your trusted leader in Frankfort who lives by them, too.From an outdated and inefficient tax code to an unfunded pension obligation that threatens to bankrupt the state, too much of what has come out of Frankfort simply defies common sense. It’s high-time, we elect leaders who bring common sense back to Kentucky.

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  • Transparency – Sunshine is the best disinfectant, which is why Adam will bring light to the darkest corners of our government. Adam believes that every government agency and every public-private organization that accepts tax dollars owes the people of Kentucky the highest level of transparency — after all, those who pay the bills have a right to see the checkbook.Adam will be the kind of courageous auditor we need watching our backs, protecting our pocketbooks, and making sure we get the honest, lean and effective government we deserve. He understands that every dollar lost to corruption or inefficiency is a dollar that can’t be invested in Kentucky’s future.
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